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Description / After 8 years in the industry, Charles Gillman is known for a typically grounded outlook on beauty, natural, fresh and achievable for any women. Charles Gillman Cosmetics was founded in 2007 in a small English city called Norwich. Bored with a treadmill style of life, Charles met an editor from the local newspaper one evening and spoke about his frustrations of how the beauty industry focused on airbrushed, un-natural beauty! She agreed to the concept and the column 'Journals of a makeup artist' was launched.

Charles lived alone in his apartment that overlooked the city's market square, the column kept his ever busy mind splurging his passions, frustrations and creativity in to a word processor for several hours a week.

Still dissatisfied, he looked at the makeup kit that stood in the corner of the room, he noticed a small film of dust had set up home on the silver case. Night after night he sketched idea's of looks and researched fashion!

A group of friends would come over for lunch regularly and he said "I'm so bored. . . . we're gonna just go and do something different" Four friends walked up to the historical garden in Norwich dragging a makeup kit and claire the photographer, there in the rain he applied makeup with no limits his mind and the garden was the playground for creativity!

The pictures were sent to the printers, with haste and hurry, he didnt give the time of day to editing, he framed them and hung them around the apartment, every time he looked at them he saw great people and real beauty.

As his social circle grew, people visited the apartment and criticised the photos, with lashing comments of "they are not beautiful, why didn't you pick decent models" sometimes he slept in the lounge as he could never sleep, and when the cars drove by the windows it would illuminate what had been criticised again.

As he went to take the photos down a month later he thought to himself, these people really are beautiful, why am i listening to other peoples insignificant judgements.

With that he wanted to make women look and feel great with makeup, he joined a charity called look good feel better, with taught people going through chemotherapy how to feel better just by applying a little confidence with makeup, ie: how to re-pencil eyebrows.

The campaign CGC (formally known as Charles Gillman Cosmetics) was launched, a non profit website aimed at giving tips and tricks on how to apply makeup aimed at real women, using normal people of all shapes and sizes for It's marketing.

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