Core Health Training

Zaga, Bovec, Slovenia
Spas/beauty/personal care


The aim of Core Health Training is to help you improve your health and well being in a beautiful environment.    You will be guided by professionals with healthy eating, stretching, hiking, strength training, martial arts and the occasional extreme sport Health starts on the inside. We can exercise our muscles as much as we want, but if we neglect our internal body systems (lungs, heart, kidneys, brain), then our muscles will never reach their full potential! It is becoming more widely acknowledged now that to achieve true health and well-being, we must address these internal issues prior to stressing ourselves externally.

Core Health Training addresses this issue by firstly providing a healthy environment - fresh air, amazing views, healthy food and good company. Secondly, through qualified professional guidance and instruction, you will learn how best to achieve your goals and realise your potential. Thirdly, any follow up courses will be run at a discount, with online correspondence available after any course.

  The aim of these courses is to ignite the fire, so you can enjoy the warmth of healthy living...

The courses may include:

    stretching, strength conditioning, hiking, cycling, running, climbing
    outdoor adventurous activities (rafting, caving, via ferrata, canyoning)
    preparation of healthy, balanced meals and basic nutritional advice
    discussion on lifestyle management strategies
    basic martial arts practice

This is a unique opportunity for you! Each course can be tailored to your wants and needs, whether you wish to get physically fit, for a specific event, or improve your lifestyle on a long term basis. The idea is best suited for individuals, groups will be considered depending on skill and ability levels.

The mountains hold courses for all ability levels. For those of you that feel a little more adventurous, strong links have been established with local outdoor adventure companies. All activities will be run by qualified, experienced staff.

If any or all of this sounds interesting to you, please feel free to call or email with your enquiry.


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